An Investigation on the Oral Hygiene Tools Knowledge of the Personnel of Nyala Sudan Turkey Training and Research Hospital


  • Metin Ocak



Oral hygiene, Dental plaque, , Toothbrush,


Background: Dental studies have shown that caries or periodontal disorders in the mouth are the result of dental plaque. An adequate oral hygiene is possible with sufficient removal of the dental plaque. Different tools are used in order to achieve a healthy oral hygiene.Objective: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the oral hygiene habits, oral hygiene tools and oral hygiene knowledge of the personnel working in Nyala Sudan Turkey Training and Research Hospital. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted on adults working in Nyala Sudan Training and Research Hospital. The present study included 104 individuals including 43 (41.35%) males and 61 (58.65%) females with age ranging between 20 and 57 years. Individuals were asked to fill out a questionnaire aiming to measure their oral hygiene habits and dental plaque knowledge. Result: In the present study where oral hygiene habits were examined, a significant difference was detected between the genders in terms of tooth brushing habits and women fulfill these habits more regularly (p<0.05). Furthermore, it was concluded that women use mouthwash more regularly (p<0.05). On the other hand, it was observed that their knowledge level about dental plaque was lower than men (p<0.05). The review of the age variable revealed that individuals over 40 years of age had brushing habits once a day when compared to other age groups (p<0.05). Different levels of knowledge about age could not be reached in individuals. Conclusion: It was concluded depending on the results of the study that some results were obtained about what the oral hygiene habits of the individuals are and how often they use it. It was reached out that the knowledge and attitudes of the participants on oral hygiene and the frequency of visits to the dentist were insufficient. It was observed that knowledge and habits on oral hygiene vary between individuals                                                                                   

   Key words: Dental plaque, Toothbrush, Oral hygiene




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