Relationship between Coronavirus Disease and Erythrocyte Morphology Parameters


  • İbrahim
  • Mustafa Yılmaz
  • Eyyup Sabri Şeyhanlı
  • Ataman Gönel



COVID-19, Microcytosis, Macrocytosis, Hypochromia, Hyperchromia



Background: To determine the rates of Microcytosis (%), Macrocytosis (%), Hypochromia (%), and Hyperchromia (%) as erythrocyte morphological parameters in COVID-19 infection, using a new-generation hematological autoanalyser, and to evaluate the use of these parameters for diagnostic purposes.

Material and Method: This retrospective study included 66 patients (F:41, M:25) with COVID-19 infection confirmed by real-time PCR test positivity, and 67 age and gender-matched healthy individuals (F:40, M:27) as a control group. The COVID-19 patients were separated into two groups as those with pulmonary infiltration (n=35, F/M:20/15) and those without (n=31, F/M:21/10). The hematological parameters measured on the autoanalyzer were analyzed and compared between the groups.

Results: Age and gender distribution were similar in both study groups (p=0.619, p=0.457). The White Blood Cell (p=0.040) Neutrophil (p<0.001), Lymphocyte (p<0.001), and Platelet (p <0.001) levels were statistically significantly lower in the COVID-19 patients compared to the control group and CRP levels were significantly increased (p<0.001). In the comparisons of the erythrocyte morphology parameters,  Microcytosis % (p=0.011) was significantly greater, and  Macrocytosis % (p=0.009) and Hypochromia % (p=0.032) were significantly lower in the COVID-19 patients. An increase was determined in  Hyperchromia %, but not at a statistically significant level (p=0.059).

Conclusion: From the erythrocyte morphological findings determined with the new-generation devices, the Microcytosis percentage was determined to be significantly increased in COVID-19-positive patients, and this parameter was found to have 78.79% sensitivity and 50.75% specificity in the differentiation of COVID-19 patients from healthy individuals

Author Biographies


1Harran University Faculty of  Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Şanlıurfa, Turkey,

Mustafa Yılmaz

Fırat University Faculty of  Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Elazığ, Turkey

Eyyup Sabri Şeyhanlı

Health Science University, Mehmet Akif İnan Research and Training Hospital,  Emergency Department, Şanlıurfa

Ataman Gönel

Hasan Kalyoncu University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Gaziantep, Turkey




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